Access 5 Days to Change Your Life

(Access Bars & Foundation)

Access Consciousness is a system for functioning outside of the box of a reality that doesn’t work for you. Using pragmatic tools, questions and verbal processing, you can unlock the energies that are creating limitations in your life. The 5 days of Change class with Heather Nichols gives you access to the limitless set of tools available in Access Consciousness and the foundation to create a reality that works for you.

What if the only thing from stopping you from creating change in your life is the belief that you can’t?  By looking at life’s issues from a completely different perspective, it becomes easy to change anything.  For anything to be limiting you, you must be functioning from some form or anti-consciousness or unconsciousness.  So what would you like to choose instead?

Create a quantum leap in your life by going to the energetic root of old patterns & ways of being, and clearing them quickly so that you can begin to have the life you know is waiting for you.



Access Bars

The Access Consciousness Bars is the very core and foundation of Access Consciousnesss, and is a set of tools & processes that you can learn in a day to clear lifetimes of limitation in your world.  The Bars are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. Touch one Bar and you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area of your life just by touching it.  The Bars allow you to clear the files in your mental hard drive so that you can be more of who you actually are and have more ease in your life.


Access Consciousness Foundation

Welcome to a 4 day intense exploration of what else is possible!  The Access Foundation class undoes the foundation of limitation you’ve been thinking you have to live from as though you have no other choice.  In this dynamic 4 days, you will create a foundation of awareness that you haven’t yet had access to in your life, that allows you to create the life you truly desire and beyond!


Access Body Classes

In these classes, you will learn to give & receive powerful, joy-inducing energy work that contributes to profound ease, space, potency, and aliveness in your body!

With the Access Consciousness Body Processes, we open up a dialogue & create a communion with the body that allows you to enjoy your body instead of fighting against it.  When you start to change the way you relate to your body, you start to change how you relate to everything in your life!

In this class you will exchange body process sessions with another as you learn to give a session of this powerful energy work.  You will also receive a session and its contribution to your body and life. What if you could receive more ease and creative energy in your body than you ever thought possible? The class will also give you more tools in your toolbox that you can use with clients, family, animals, friends, and yourself!

Are you ready to have phenomenal communion with your body?


Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift

The Access Energetic Facelift is a set of Access Body Processes that are a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the appearance of aging; the technique can create similar effects throughout the body.  This dynamic process can create lifting, reverse sagging and wrinkles, and contribute to overall radiance in peoples’ appearance and energetic bodies, and is incredibly nurturing, relaxing, and blissful to receive!

In this class, you will learn the Access Energetic Face Lift™by exchanging sessions with others in the class.  Come with a friend or two so you can gift and receive the benefits if this dynamic process on a weekly basis.

This process is also a brilliant addition for any beauty therapists business, and/or massage therapists & energy workers wishing to extend to their clientele!


Generative Business Pods

This 6 Month Small Group Intensive is for creating Focused, Potent, Dynamic change in your BUSINESS ! Through group coaching & facilitation you will begin to radically expand your business. This intensive is only for those inviting a huge up-leveling, and are ready to play with others in an intimate setting. It includes 2 x 75 minute pod calls plus 2 group-wide teaching call every month. You will receive tools, coaching, energetic magic, questions, and potent strategies that work to create the business you are desiring.  For more information, go here.


Tele Calls with Heather Nichols

Worldwide and from the comfort of your home!

Join Heather for various tele-calls throughout the year on various topics such as Business, Money, Bodies, Relationships–and beyond!  Tele-Calls are a great way to dive in to a particular topic, receive facilitation, connect with others who are looking at similar things in their lives, and have an ongoing conversation about a particular area of your life.


Heather’s calls are dynamic, interactive, potent, inspiring, and often include energetic exercises, clearing loops, and fun bonuses to give you a depth of clearing, expansion, and information so you can create even more in your life!


Access Business 101 - Business Done Different

This class is about giving you foundational Access Consciousness tools to change your current point of view about business and money, so that you can start to have the adventure of living called business.

What if you created more ease, fun and joy with business and money – whether you own your own business or work with someone – your life is your business. Are you currently creating everything you would like to create? What if what you knew was possible could be?

“I always knew there was a different way to be in business, when I met Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness he totally blew my paradigms with business and yet it was everything I knew must be possible. There is a much easier way.” Says author Simone Milasas of Joy of Business.

Investment: $400
This is the prerequisite for the Access Business 202 – The Adventure of Business and Living –  2 day class.


Access Business 102 - The Adventure of Business and Living

Welcome to two days of the adventure of business and living! What is that? Well, what if you never gave in and never gave up and you were always creating?

The way you think about your business (and your life) will either create it or diminish it. This class will give you dynamic Access Consciousness tools to use in business and living that empower you to keep creating, to keep asking for the possibilities to show up that you have not yet asked for. Each choice you make creates an awareness.

Have you made business only about money? What if there was a different possibility? If you make it all about money then you will limit the possibilities and creativity that can show up. What if your financial reality was something you could increase with ease? How many revenue streams would you like to add to your life? How much money would you really like to be creating?

This class is for business owners, CEO’s, employees, employers, men, women, anyone desiring to create more in their life and business.  Access Business 101:  Business Done Different is a pre-requisite for this class.




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