What if your business could flourish as you choose to be and receive more?


What would it be like to have a business that is fun for you, that works for you, and that is part of the adventure of your life?


And what if your money flows could increase as you have more joy in your life and business?


“The day I chose the huge leap into the Business Pods… my whole life changed… and changed for the better!” LH – Australia


March 6 - June 30

Early Reg Feb 20-28: $600/mo
Mar 1-10: $650/mo

Heather Nichols has created a thriving business as a creative adventure that includes world travel, being a single mom, and out-creating herself every day! She has been working with bodies, coaching, and creating business for 20 years, and has grown her business to a successful, dynamic, global & online business as an Access Consciousness® Facilitator and Joy of Business facilitator. A business catalyst, adding Heather to your life is like stepping onto a rocket ship ride of creating the business of your dreams and beyond!

Words of Gratitude

  • “I have just finished the latest round of the Generative Business Pods and geez I don't even recognize myself now!! I actually have a business that brings in clients (as if by magic!) and my self esteem has shot through the roof! I actually choose to know what I know is true for me and to not ignore it! I now see me as someone who is not afraid to do this thing called business and I can access all the parts of me! The day I chose the huge leap into the Business Pods... my whole life changed... and changed for the better!

    - L.H., Australia

  • “How does it get even better than choosing the powerhouse of Heather to invite you into all the potency of YOU?!!! I just finished 6 months with Heather Karian Nichols in the business pods and it has ROCKED my world! Forget about what I dreamt was possible before....I am beyond that now....creating beyond my dreams!

    - T.M., USA

  • “Ijust have to say WOW!!! If I had know that a conversation in early October could and would change my life in so many ways in such a short period of time - I would have been hopeful, but would not believed it possible. Well folks, the impossible is possible. How does it get even better than this? Thank you all for being a part of this journey - and an extra special thank you to Heather for being the amazing, incredible and phenomenal being that you are.

    - M.S., Colorado

  • “Heather, how grateful I am that you have brought this to us….me! I am beyond anything ever. Thank you thank you thank you! Wow. I am getting that there is a whole new world to explore and play in and it is me! It’s all right here. And, I have GOT that for the first time ever. This program is like being a continual virgin: I keep seeing that every thing has just been foreplay until now. I keep lowering more of my barriers to receiving more of me and then I see that there is SO MUCH MORE! More than I can comprehend, I don’t even choose to comprehend it. Comprehension is back there, somewhere where I keep my thinking cap, and my justifications, and my points of view. It’s becoming smaller and further away. And I’m choosing that space, especially now, after THAT call! What other magic do you have up your sleeve?

    - M.M., England

  • “Joining the Business Pods was the best decision I ever made. I have learned to create through joy, not necessity (which is way more fun). I have learned that money follows joy and that joy never follows money... I have learned that I can get more people in my classes by trying less and laughing more, all the while choosing to be available for those classes and willing to do whatever it takes to make them happen. I have found, through Heather's guidance, that doing whatever it takes is usually a lot easier and enjoyable than we think it is and when we ask "What will it take?" you find answers you aren't aware of or can't even believe because it is that easy. What if business could be easy and bring ease into your life? Heather knows this. I am learning it and it's working for me. I have more joy, more ease, more choices, and more business including much more money in my life as a result.

    - F.T., Canada

  • “I just did a calculation- and from doing the Generative Business Pods last November through March -- I increased my income 5x!!
    Holy cow! And awesome! And thanks!

    What else is possible?
    How does it get better?

    - M.S., North Carolina

  • “Dear Heather, I am in total gratitude of you and all that you have taught me and all that you have inspired me to be. I've been having a rough few months - business seemingly drying up. After stopping myself mid-panic, I chose to believe there was something greater for me and that this was change happening - not disaster. Despite feeling a pinch on funds, I chose to spend a hefty amount on rebranding myself and my website and get professional photos taken because it felt light to do so. I continued to keep focused on the bright future I was creating instead of worrying about the present drought happening in my business. Today one of my clients purchased over $7000.00 in coaching packages. I am in tears of joy and gratitude. Without you and the coaching I did with you, I wouldn't have weathered this storm and received the rainbow. Thank you Heather. I adore you so so much.

    - K.S., France

  • “Pods for life!!

    - A.B., California

  • “Iwonder what kind of contribution this could be to your business to your life if you choose 6 months of Generative Business Pods with Heather Nichols. I know the contribution it has been for me, which is why I chose it for a second time!! I tapped into the energy of this group that has signed up and I said, "Wowzers! Look out world! There are a lot of creators of magnitude here. Yes please, I will have a lot of this please!!!!!" You wouldn't choose this why?!

    - T.R., Canada

  • “Isigned up for the pods yesterday, and my online class just filled up today!!!! Rock on!

    - T.M., Illinois

  • “Would you believe I've made $2k+ in the market since I signed up for the Generative Business Pods?! AND I have a house going under contract! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in my life - which was yesterday - I know everything is going to be Ok. AND yesterday was the first day I followed the energy the ENTIRE day. On Day 2 after signing up for the pods! Excited for the pods! AND excited for my life!

    - M.F., Colorado

  • “Iam so excited to step into this with you!!! How much possibility has opened up just with raising my hand and saying yes! I love that I'm going to get to be in your space! How does it get even better than this?

    - J.M., Pennsylvania

  • “Sooooo excited to be here amongst all this enthusiasm! I can't wait to create more with you all. I signed up last night and woke up to a text message from a person asking me to help them with a whole house clear out. Yesss! First month or two of GBP paid for.

    - D.R., Colorado

  • “I'm so excited to be part of this amazing group. It's has brought me into living in the question so much more, which is why I signed up for a second round of the pods! Thank you, Heather--your magic lights me up!

    - S.S., Canada

  • “Remember I told you when I took the Generative Business Pods that I'd never given one person that much money before? And how I was taking a business class when I had no business? It CHANGED what I COULD NOT CHANGE before!! I am SO grateful that I am so SMART to follow my knowing and have all those hours of facilitation with you. It has contributed huge swaths of ease to my life!

    - P.K., USA

  • “Before the Generative Business Pods, I never acknowledged that I could just BE, and from that being business would come to me. I never acknowledged that I could have a business that was fun for me. I was stuck thinking it had to be a different way or a way that others thought it should be. Now, I am receiving new clients all the time just from asking questions!

    - DR, USA

  • “When I signed up for the Business Pods, I had just left my full time job to become a full time entrepreneur. I had a savings I had created so that I could make the transition with ease. I'm happy to report that, 4 months in to this program, I am creating so much income that I have only had to use $2k of my savings so far! How does it get even better than that?

    - TM, USA

  • “Thank you times a godzillion for that pod call!! I'm wandering around my house with no past references beyond, holy sh*t... I'm so grateful I created joining these generative business pods with Heather and you all. So much space, I'm almost dizzy.

    It's like ALL of the limitations went zap. Even my body is demanding a new level of being heard and honored. I have no idea where we go from here but holy holy holy wow... I'm present to my chaos and magic more than ever before. THANK YOU.

    - SW, California USA