Symphony Sessions:
Welcome to an energetic adventure into way more potency, presence, creation, and you!  These dynamic sessions create immense joy, space, communion, and un-stoppable-ness in your whole body, life, and being! Can be done in person or via video conference.

Phone Sessions:
Dive in to a fast and generative space of verbal & energetic facilitation with Heather around any area of your life that you would like to change.  An hour with Heather can change absolutely everything!

Half Hour Sessions INVESTMENT: $250
1 Hour Sessions INVESTMENT: $500
Package of 5 INVESTMENT: $2250
Package of 10 INVESTMENT: $4000


Heather has been facilitating bodies, change, and magic for 20 years, and brings to every session a catalytic space of nurturing kindness, total presence, & potency that invite you to the dynamic joy of having a body & being all that you be.

Heather’s playful, spacious potency + her capacities with bodies invite you to full-on aliveness, vitality, joy, and the possibility that only you be in the world.  What if you could be a walking, talking, living expression of joy, ease, and creation?

1 Hour Session INVESTMENT: 500
Package of 10 INVESTMENT: $4000


Ready to replace judgment with total gratitude and celebration?  These unique, facilitated bodywork sessions are a culmination of Heather’s many years of facilitating bodies, somatic trauma work, tantric bodywork, and Access Consciousness bodywork & verbal facilitation; and are a dynamic space of becoming the sexualness, suppleness, & potency you truly be.

1.5-2 Hour Session INVESTMENT: $1000


When one hour with Heather just isn’t enough, schedule a half-day intensive. Heather’s brilliance with how to joyfully create every area of life, plus her awareness of the patterns that perpetually limit us, create a space where any change you require is possible. A half-day intensive can bring about dramatic change in your business, your relationships, your parenting, your body – any area! 

Buy Now INVESTMENT: $1800

Generative Business Pods

A 6 Month Small Group Creation Intensive

The Generative Business Pods is a 6 month business creation intensive designed to offer sustained support in creating your life and business with the tools of Access Consciousness. What if everything you create in your business could be created from question, choice, possibility, and contribution? What if that could be the primary space you function from, regardless of what is occurring in your business?

This program was created to support you in being more of who you are as the source for the creation of the business you would truly love to have. What if everything you create in your business could be an expression of joy and possibility? What if “money follows joy,” and “ask and you shall receive” could be your reality, truly?

In this six month journey, you will be creating and playing alongside others who are in the same conversation of creation from being, creation from joy, creation from possibility. An environment of dynamic contribution, rather than competition, the Generative Business Pods is a choice for being a different possibility with business, with others, and with yourself—and for discovering that you truly can have a business that flourishes and grows as you are willing to be & receive more.  The next group starts August 2016.

Private Intensives

Private, customized intensives are available with Heather on a limited basis.  Heather works with 1-2 clients at a time over a 3-6 month period that includes in-person half-day, full-day, or weekend-long intensive sessions, phone/Skype sessions, and email & text support to facilitate you in making big life changes in one or all areas of life you are demanding and ready to change.  Contact Heather’s staff at info @ to apply and inquire about availability.


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