Heather, you LIVE your potency and while you taught me tools to do the same, you infused me by osmosis to BE all of me. Access introduced me to the tools to completely shift my whole world, and you modeled the change I will become. Your potency is an infectious ease, and I’ve been telling everyone I know: if you’re on the fence about working with Heather, PLEASE choose to jump.

However – if you’re not ready for real change, don’t take any Access classes with Heather. She won’t let you fall back, only forward. She kicked me off my cliff and screamed “climb!” knowing full well I’d enjoy the view beyond my imagination.

The list of exciting shifts that has happened for me since your class grows exponentially by the day. Now I – am developing my amazingly potent world.

There aren’t enough ways to say Thank You.”

Karen B., Washington

“I’ve had the privilege of taking several of Heather Nichol’s Access Consciousness and related classes. I also listen regularly to her very informative and thoroughly fun A2Zen.fm radio show “Creating Beyond Reality!”

I have benefitted greatly by her facilitation via these venues.

One of her greatest gifts, which enormously enhance her talent to facilitate and have immeasurably enriched my life, is her bodywork sessions.

I found these sessions to exponentially assist in energetic and thus physical self-healing which opened, and continues to open up limitless possibilities for ease, joy, abundance, and creativity for my whole being.

Words which come to me from Heather’s bodywork sessions:

  • Spacious
  • Easeful
  • Joyful
  • Restful
  • Rejuvenating
  • Liberating
  • Honoring
  • Caring
  • Gratefulness and Gratitude
  • No judgments
  • No self-judgments
  • Light and Light-filled
  • Invigorating
  • Generative
  • Inspiring

…..as well as an increased, spherical Awareness of the gift that I am, and that everyone else is, including the Earth, the Universe and beyond anything better than we could ever imagine.

To write that I highly recommend Heather Nichols for bodywork sessions would be an understatement.

She is gentle and powerful at the same time. She is, and fully receives for all our benefits, a beautiful combination of playfulness and potency that can create miracles for those who are willing to receive and be miracles that we all Be. She, and her sessions have been all that for me.

She is pure magic.”

J.P., Colorado

Thank you so much for the session a few weeks ago! I just had to tell you – things are happening!! OMG… Within two weeks of moving – something I’ve been longing for 6 months has showed up effortlessly– I have beautiful women to call my friends!

I did my first tele-call for my new business, and my newsletter list is growing daily!! It’s awesome – sheer JOY.

Every time I sit down to write – I get teary…a happy teary…I’m where the energy is flowing and I’m flowing with it.

Life is cool…it’s awe-inspiring how everything is showing up – What Else is Possible? How does it get even better?


M.S., Colorado

“Heather’s sweet invitation for more ignited ALIVENESS that I turned off for good – until now!

I have been forever changed throughout and following the 5 Days to Change Your Life Class. My being has returned to a vibrancy and aliveness and permeating space that was dimmed within me.

Thank you for being the feather-touch of consciousness and the invitation for more, Heather!

I accept with deep gratitude for you!”

Syllviea H., Las Vegas, NV

“I recently had a session with Heather at a Level 2 / 3 class. It was one of the MOST amazing sessions I have ever received. Although her touch was gentle and nurturing, I could perceive my body actually shifting and changing throughout the session. Heather’s level of presence with my body invited me into that same presence. It was phenomenal. Just writing about it takes me back to that space. The peace and relaxation I felt was indescribable. Thank you Heather for the enormous gift and contribution you be.”

Glenyce Hughes
Access Consciousness Facilitator,
Alberta Canada

“Working with Heather has been like the gift I didn’t even know I wanted. She creates her life by following the joy and the energy, and Nothing is off-limits.

I tend to get stuck in the muck, and it’s the one thing I can never do when I’m talking to her. She’s joy and space and choosing and laughter and question and allowance, and my muck just seems to disappear. She pushes and challenges me with question but from a total space of no-judgment and deep awareness, and her ability to perceive energy and ask questions around it, creates in me a demand to do the same.

After four hours of working with her, I generated $2300 in about 6 hours. I’ve never experienced that before in my entire life. And there’s MORE. The way she lives her life, always asking, always choosing, always pushing herself out into the space that is totally unknown and generative is one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever been around.

I create my life differently being around her. I choose more, laugh more, ask more questions, create more, BE more demand for more-better-funner. Where I might have crawled, I fly. My life is so much more fun and so much more expansive and so much MORE than I ever knew it could be. And as someone I know would say, I’m having THAT, baby.

Thank you so, so, so very much.”

C.C., Canada